About Our Services

HFR International takes equine transport by air seriously, and prioritizes a safe flight for your horse. Below you will see the details that go into every flight scheduled with HFR. We stay current with customs regulations, require blood tests, and are familiar with the different pre-export quarantine requirements of each country we fly to. You can trust HFR International to make your horse’s international flight as stress-free as possible.

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Pre export blood test

It is a HFR International’s policy to pre-test horses prior to travel import to USA to ensure negative test results and avoid import rejection. HFR can arrange for all necessary blood testing in your horse’s country of origin.

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Export Health Certificates

HFR International handles all the necessary documents, and coordinates all export testing and health certificates making this process stress free.

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Pre export quarantines

Every importing and exporting country has specific regulations. Not all countries require pre-export quarantine and / or quarantine upon arrival. HFR International handles all quarantine and pre-export concerns and necessary arrangements to get your horse to its final destination.

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Agent Coordination

HFR International extensive global network can assisting you with all you horses shipping needs. We take pride on our work to provide you with an exceptional import and export experience.

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Professional Flight Attendants

HFR International provides experienced and professional attendants on the ground and in the air make your horses travel from departing to landing as smooth and stress free as possible.

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Customs Documents

Our licensed broker with more than 40 years of experience have the latest technology and training to exceed the ever-changing demands of US Customs regulations.

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Flight booking

Every client of HFR International has access to regularly scheduled flights to and from Europe as well as any other desired destination in the world.

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Horses are carried at owner’s risk. Transport insurance can be arranged upon request. We work with a well-established equine insurance company that provides quality coverage for your horse.

Dependable communication, attention to detail and personal service are the cornerstones of HFR International